Chimneys, Log Fires, wood burners, flue.

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To convert BTU to kW simply multiply by 0.000293.
To convert kW to BTU simply multiply by 3414.

Wood burner boilers - fire's
There are lots of pros & cons on this subject & is worth doing the homework on to what's the most efficient type of fire to use.
1. What,s the best & most available fuel in the area
    to use. IE: Logs, Coal, brickets,
2. Is there any restrictions in the area on certain fuel
    usages. (smoke-less)
3. Will you be able to heat a tank of hot water &
    maybe even some rads & a meal.
4. Look at where the fire gets its air from? IE: The
    room or outside. (out side will keep the room from
    feeling less drowsy).
5. Is the fire multi fuel.
6. What is the Kw output is needed from fire?

BTU KW Converter
UK Smoke zone check for log burners
Log fire regs 2000
Flue at a good price

Firewood Poem From Grange farm logs.
Beech logs burn bright and clear If logs are kept for a year Chestnut is only goof they say If for long it's laid away But ash new or ash old Is fit for a queen with a crown of gold Birch and fir log burn fast Blaze up bright and do not last Elmwood burns like churchyard mould Even the flames are very cold Poplar give a bitter smoke Fills your eyes and makes you choke Applewood will scent the room With an incense like perfume Oaken logs if dry an old Keep away the winters cold But Ash wet or Ash dry A King shall warm his slippers by one last thing to make sure your happy--dry that willow or it will burn like a wet nappy