Self build house, consruction Types

house self build
House Construction type.

Brick & block cavity house or bungalow.
This has been the most popular up until recent years where insulation & energy conservation have become a priority.

Timber frame & SIP build house or bungalow.
1st came the timber frame with the connivance of pre manufactured panels & quick construction times & ease for other trades to work on.
More recently, the SIP's (Structural insulated panels) are becoming popular in the UK with the ready built in, & exelent insulation. They have been around in the USA for 60 odd years, but for some reason didn't quite catch on here. But are now becoming more popular.

Concrete p/styrene moulds for house or bungalow.
This ones been around for a wile but hasn't become as popular as you might think. It basically made of large & hollow styrene blocks filled with concrete. The blocks are put together like a logo build & tied with special straps & the concrete is pumped in from to top.

Wattle & daub - Straw Bail - Cob - House or Bungalow
All the above are making quite a come back with the green & environmental ones out there. Some very unique & fascinating house's can be constructed this way with no impact on on the planet from where the materials are taken from. Lets face it! There are many still standing to day. Will our hoses be still here in a few hundred years.