house self build

House Build Electric Lighting & Power

All boxes to be 47mm as all walls will have 50x50 battens + 12.5 plaster board.

Cable marking
Cable marking tags
Din rail connectors
All eclectics to be in 1 central room/cupboard with plenty of spare capacity for automation & conversion back to standard electrical lay out if needed. The proposal is to have 2x24 way fuse boards (1 for power & 1 for lighting) consumer units with 2x48 way Hager din rail units for home automation & timers & din rail connectors. All wiring to be in 1.5mm for lights. 2.5 & 4mm for power points. Sub mains to our buildings to be decided.
An external perimeter ring main to be installed to help with volt drop.
Most circuits to be run as radials back to the 2x48way boards, this will also have 2 triple & earths from ever room light switch to enable at least 5 switch lines per room. Two ways to be installed locally. If using x10 ? possible push switches will be needed.