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Ground work & concrete Foundations

Type 1 & Aggregates
Curb & Driveway

Work out the price for shutter ply if needed for foundations under certain soil conditions. Should be able to get it around 11 a sheet in bulk. Allow for building overflow molds & bases for pathway's & gate/fencing  pillars shuttering for any concrete over spill from foundations to save wastage. Might also be worth investing in a concrete poke as the engine might be of use on another project?. 

Strip foundation

Raft foundation

Pile driving drill rig
Concrete Foundation types
Foundations, sometimes called footings or the substructure, are designed to support the walls and the roof and to provide a solid base on which to build the house. The type of foundation chosen will depend on two distinct variables. The total building load, IE, the weight of the house, and the type and quality of the subsoil. In addition, different weather conditions and soil types may reduce the effectiveness of foundation, depending on the type of soil. Frost heave, is common problem in sandy soils where water in the ground freezes and pushes upwards as it expands into ice. The reverse problem is drought, which causes shrinking of the land and is most common in clay soils. Both conditions can seriously affect the foundations, causing disturbance and, in extreme cases, cracking of the foundations. They are, however, easily avoided  if you dig deep enough trench to around 1 meter.

Strip foundation
These are like the first diagram & quite often used in clay soil area's.
Another version of this is a trench foundation where the concrete is poured to about 3-400mm below the ground level at around a 1 meter in depth of concrete.

Raft foundation
These are like the second diagram & quite often used in sandy or mash type area's.

Pile foundation
These are quite often used for many reasons that include having to find a more solid base to build on, larger weight loads, hill sides.These can also save having to get rid of a lot of the waste soil in some circumstances. These can be installed with either just pushing, vibrating or hammering  concrete or steel columns into the ground with special machines.
Can also be installed with large auger drills & then filled with concrete.
But any pile foundations is a specialist trade with bespoke machinery for this purpose & out of the realms  averaged self builder.
pile drive drilling rig