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Good Hep20 info
Hep Price list 2008

Cold water tanks
Hep 20 plastic pipe.
Hep 20 has been out quite a few years & i must admit that i was skeptical about using it in comparison to good old copper. But a good 20 years down the line, i have spoken to some plumbers that have not had a problem if the rules are followed.
IE: Use the right cutting tools & de-bur any edge's if needed. There are basically 2 types of pipe & would personally just use the barrier pipe for everything, although a bit more expensive.
There are also 2 types of fitting that can be use with a slim fit & a demount'able.  Not quite sure as yet wich one to use.   
One thing to watch out for is not to join onto chrome or stainless steel pipe without using the correct fittings, as it won't hold/grip to these harder metals. This includes things like mega-flows with S/S piping.
Some of the advantages are that its less likely scale up or to bust in cold weather, far less joints & a lot quieter than copper with no expansion noises. It must also have at least a 350mm length of copper from any boiler take off's.
This pipe will also have the advantage of being able to go through the I-Joists that will be used on the build as these cant be slotted like normal joists.