House Build Services Gas Water Electric Sewerage Phone

house self build
Services can be very expensive to lay on depending on distance they have to run. If you have a long drive? It can work out far cheaper to have incoming services put in a lockable cabinet at the entrance gate than bringing it down to the house. It can save thousands if you do the work of laying your own pipes & cables back to the house. I know  with main electric there is a charge for the 1st 10 meters & an increase per each 5 meters after this, which was astronomical considering you have to do all of the work on the property, like laying on a 500mm deep trench for them to lay the cable in. But unfortunately, they have the monopoly. It is certainly worth bartering the price with them.
Gas supply
If its in the local? get it the gas installed. The alternatives can be a large tank for oil or propane gas tank or 4x47k  bottled propane gas. Or go back to a wood burning stoves as they are a good green way to go, but not so convenient.

Water supply
This is a must & cant really have a tanker come to fill up giant tanks or being well fed as the well can end up dry or get contaminated.

Electric supply
Mains electric is a must as it will really effect the resale price if not installed, or at least limit the buyers market. Have a think if 3 phase would be needed at any time. If you was having a business with machinery or separate granny flat, it might be needed. You can install 3 phase to future proof the property, but just have a single phase meter to keep the quarterly charges down. There are alternatives, but can be quite expensive to install. Photo electric panels & wind power with a generator can work. But would cost around 20,000 minimum to install & personally don't think its worth it just yet.

Sewerage supply
Connecting to main drains can also be very expensive, but remember that  in many areas of the UK, there are no drains & a cesspit, septic tank or bio treatment is the only alternative. But these can work out far cheaper than mains connection. But you do have pump out charges every year.
Cesspits is a large underground storage tank, that depending on the size has to be emptied more frequently with a visit from a pump out lorry.
The septic tanks are a better alternative if the land & local authority will except it, as this works by holding onto the heavy waste & letting the fluids soak into the land. So check with near buy houses & authority's 1st.
Bio tanks work on bio-degrading the waste to a level that is expectable to discharge into the land. Many use electric, but this is a small 50watt motor & would work out about 10pence per 24 hours of running time. These still require a pump out every 9-12 months.
Cost is anywhere from 800 for a septic tank to 2800 for a bio plant. The tanks must be within easy reach of a pump out lorry's pipes.

Phone supply
BT or Cable would be the best & most economical if available. But if its far to expensive, there are other alternatives. But the areas your moving to needs to be tested. Mobile phones are one that will give you calls & internet. But would recommend buying a few sim cards to test the area first for a good signal. Satellite dish is another alternative for making calls & general internet use, starting at around 40 a month. But not very good for large downloads & watching films, & will certainly have bandwidth restrictions.
Check if all services can go in same trench.
Cost of over head power & transformer if needed.

Make sure all service ducts do not come down hill into the house with the risk of water getting in. Have a break in the duct in an accessible man hole just before the house if needed. Or bring up outside wall, cut & then enter house.
Seen one house devastated with BT man hole that filled up with water over 50m away from the house, but used the 25mm BT pipe as a drain off from the manhole.