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Structural insulated panels SIP

SIP (Structural insulated panels)
This will be the 1st choice for the build in that it got a lot of savings with installation with good insulation quality's & possible to build with 2 people & a HIAB or small  12met Telehandler at around 350.00 a week.
Prices for panels in the US are far cheaper than the UK, but should be able to get them for around 120 a 8'x4'x6" panel or 2440x1220x150 in new money.
Kingspan has a lot of good info on this product & will also have the certification that is needed. (some manufactures havnt)
Weights of 8x4 sheets approximately.
6"  = 3.47lbs PSF = 111.00lbs/50.00kgs
8"  = 3.61lbs PSF = 115.00lbs/52.27kgs
10"= 3.78lbs PSF = 121.00lbs/55.00kgs

Some good info on the SIP's.
Working out a roof pitch with just dimensions?